Make All Customer Feedback a Positive

Customers May Not Always Be Right, But Are Usually Helpful

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When price and quality can be largely the same from cleaner to cleaner, customer service is often the only differentiator between two competitors. Excellent customer service can form a bond between a brand and its customer resulting in repeat usage and brand advocacy.

A customer’s experience can be influenced by anything from the attitude of you counter staff, to how you respond to customer issues. With so many variables, it can be hard to know where your service is succeeding and where it may be failing.

The best way to find out is to ask.

Ask for Feedback from dry cleaning and laundry customers in the Starchup App


Good listening skills are key to any relationship. Showing your customer that you hear them and value their opinion is crucial to maintaining that relationship. You can gather customer feedback in a variety of ways: a comment card, email, online survey, or even a simple conversation. Ask for details.

Now what do you do with the feedback you have gathered?


Whether you receive positive or negative feedback, it is important to respond immediately to your customers. Explain to the customer how you plan to address the feedback. If it is negative, thank the customer for letting you know and tell them how you plan to address the issue. Even major issues, like a lost or damaged item, can be turned into a positive experience. If you show that you are listening and doing your best to remedy the situation, the less likely that customer will be to spread the negative experience through social media or otherwise.


Record and save all feedback. Look for patterns in what is working and what is not. Discuss the feedback with your operations team to determine what changes can be made to improve any deficient areas and apply any successes to other parts of the business. Then, see if those changes result in improvements, and be sure to inform the customers who left the original feedback that those improvements have been made due to their feedback.


Share the positive feedback you receive! Display it on your website and in your store. Even negative feedback can improve your image with the proper response. While you might not want to display such feedback yourself, responding to negative reviews with a polite, personalized and thorough response on Yelp and other sites shows prospective customers that you value their opinion and are working to improve. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is the response to those mistakes that matters.

The customer feedback you receive can help you set your business apart. Acting on that feedback enables you to consistently improve your service and market one more feature to your customers. Ultimately, experience with your brand and the relationship you build is what keeps customers coming back.

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