Slash Delivery Costs with Starchup

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Margins are everything in dry cleaning. You have done an amazing job creating efficient cleaning operations, but why stop at the store? When we built the Starchup Platform, we focused on reducing your delivery costs in addition to increasing your revenue.

Cleaners we spoke with identified three main areas where they can improve their delivery operations:

  • “I spend 2 hours a week looking at map and putting my routes together.”
  • “Customers call in last minute, disrupting our normal delivery route.”
  • “Customers no-show us all the time, wasting our time and gas.”

  • softwareSo Starchup built a solution that addresses all three.

    “This is exactly what we have been looking for. You’ve just made my job a lot easier!”

    Starchup’s routing software and mobile manifest creates the most efficient routes, taking the guesswork out of your delivery service for you and your driver. Already like the way your current route runs? No problem: you can arrange the route’s stop order any way you like.

    With your routes in place, new orders are then added as they are received based on the location of the stop and your current route, so your drivers never have to go out of the way to service a new customer.

    Finally, Starchup sends your customers a reminder text message the day before their pickup. If they don’t have an order for that day, route customers can text back “SKIP” to be removed from the manifest for that week. In addition to reducing the number of no shows, this reminder has been shown to increase orders on a given route.

    “We got our single largest order of the year thanks to Starchup’s reminder text.”

    Starchup technology creates value for our cleaners by reducing the inefficiencies of traditional routes, while increasing orders.