Be the First to Give

The holidays are here. Around this time of year, you often hear “'tis better to give, than to receive.” How does it feel to give something away such as a present, a compliment, or even a valuable referral? Giving provides a great opportunity to thank your customers for their support and build community.

How does it feel to receive something unexpectedly? As a customer, does it stir feelings of warmth, loyalty, and a desire to reciprocate? If you are constantly asking your customers for something - new business, referrals, or forgiveness after a poor experience - you are asking them to be the first to give. But it is giving that inspires support. Giving away something of value - even if it is small - goes a long way to building your brand and your place in your customers' hearts and minds.

When considering the size of the gift, remember it’s the thought that counts. Sometimes a smaller gift given with greater sincerity goes further than a large one. Plus you can offer it to more people.

  • $5 Gift Card to a new customer (Instead of 25% off or a coupon).
  • A free Garment Bag
  • A hand written Thank You card. Consider providing a script to your your CSRs to write a few each day in down time.
  • A referral of new business to a business customer
  • Offering a testimonial or review to business customers
  • A Starbucks Card, Bottle of Wine, or Lunch Gift Card to your most valuable customers

What other gifts are especially relevant to your business? We have seen successful campaigns use inexpensive branded lint brushes with a note - “Thank you for your business”. The branded item is relevant to your product and service, it is useful, and the customer will think of you each time they use it. Keep it simple, sincere, and useful.

So be the first to give, stay top of mind when that person thinks of your needs, and reap rewards many times the amount of your gift.

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