The Importance of Good Branding

Like everything in today’s market, it’s all about the customer

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In today’s competitive market the customer is king. Especially in a service-based industry like dry cleaning, a good customer experience is the crown jewel. And your customer connects that experience to your business through your brand.

A potential customer experiences their first impression of your business, whether that is on your website or mobile app, your store sign, or a friend’s recommendation, through your brand. Your brand must communicate a simple but powerful story: who you are, what you do, and most importantly why your customer experience is uniquely excellent.

Your brand should differentiate you from your competition. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: what does he or she value in a cleaning experience? Be it quality service, reliability, convenience, or something else entirely, determine your unique value propositions and communicate them through your brand messaging.

Once you construct your messaging, maintain consistency. Repetition is the key to mastery, and you only get so many opportunities to communicate with your customer. Ensure that each communication — your website, advertising, emails, newsletters, customer service calls, right down to the atmosphere of your store — reinforces your brand.

The payoff for consistent branding is your customer’s trust and loyalty. A customer that associates your brand with a positive experience is willing to weather the occasional bumps in the road that every business encounters. Apple, for instance, can take the headphone jack away from their customers because their customers trust that Apple will continue to provide the same positive experience they have come to know.

Once you have established that brand loyalty, keep it. Maintain the standards you have set for your business. Ensure that the vendors and customer channels you use respect your brand and work hard to maintain it. Periodically evaluate your brand, your customer, and your business to ensure that you are delivering the experience customers demand. Indeed, a well-built brand may just be your business’s crowning achievement.

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