End “Black Box” Marketing

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When you make a personal investment in a stock or mutual fund, you track its performance regularly. So why do most cleaners that we talk to have no idea how their marketing investment is performing despite how vital it is to their business?

Traditional marketing is good for creating awareness of your brand. But ask a traditional marketer how many customers they have acquired for their clients and see what they say. We call this Black Box Marketing: money goes in, and cleaners hope for the best.

Starchup may be a technology company, but at heart our purpose is better marketing for cleaners by acquiring and engaging new customers. B†ut we don’t just tell you that we’re marketing for you — we prove it.

“Before, I paid my agency each month and hoped they did their job. Starchup shows me exactly what my marketing spend is doing.”

Starchup monitors every engagement a customer has with your business from the first point of contact through the life of the customer. Our technology allows you to see how every dollar you invest in marketing affects your bottom line.

No black boxes here. Starchup customers receive regular reports on campaign performance. We don’t get paid based on your marketing spend, so if one method is underperforming, Starchup makes improvements until it works or we simply shut it off.