The First 30 Days of Marketing with Starchup

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How many times have you bought an exciting new service or product and asked, “Now what?” Starchup’s software is just one part of the service we provide to cleaners. We have developed a set of marketing best practices and a roadmap to achieve your goals:

Step 1 — Mobilize Your Customers

Your best customers are your best marketers. Let them know about your new service through email and promotional marketing. Starchup enables them to recommend your service to all their contacts — and be rewarded for it — with just a couple taps through our refer-a-friend feature.

Starchup makes it easy for your customers to sing your praises! Worried about store customers moving to delivery? Don’t be. Delivery customers average 20% larger order sizes and 75% better retention than in-store customers.

“Starchup had a marketing plan ready to go from day one.”

Step 2 — Optimize Your Digital Storefront

Your website is your digital storefront. If a storefront is not inviting, potential customers will will not walk in. Starchup builds personalized websites for our cleaners that tell your story through our design and uses proprietary data to regularly update and optimize your site for customer conversion.

Step 3 — Targeted Digital Marketing

A loyal delivery customer is worth up to 100 times a one-time order. Starchup focuses on helping you to acquire loyal users through a cocktail of marketing strategies, from laser targeted digital ad to free local press coverage. Along the way we track and report exactly how well your marketing dollars are being spent.

Step 4 — Actionable Communication

After acquisition comes engagement. Starchup enables you to continually engage those loyal customers customers through your new mobile app, which puts your brand right on their home screen, and automated customer communication so you can focus on running your business.