Pre-Screening Laundry & Dry Cleaning Employees

Hiring is one of your most important jobs as a manager, but it can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. Resume pre-screening, standard practice from the US Army to Oracle, can help save time and avoid mistakes.

What exactly is pre-screening? Employers ask a few qualified questions to help ensure that a candidate meets basic criteria, avoiding wasted time on resumes and meetings. These questions filter out unqualified candidates and introduce you to the candidate prior to meeting them.

Pre-screening is especially important for Laundromats & Dry Cleaners, where recruiting and filling jobs is not (hopefully) a daily task. Your priority list is already full, so targeting the best candidates quickly is a big help.

Pre-screening questionnaires, such as the sample below, also serves other purposes:

  1. Confirmation of receipt. It is a general courtesy to let candidates know that you received their resume. It lets them know that it is in queue for action and avoids inquiries that it was received.
  2. Assess the candidate’s interest and ability to follow directions. Asking a candidate to take action and follow directions will filter those who will not do either on the job.
  3. Provide focus for the interview. The assessment saves time in the interview process by providing focus and direction.

Most recruitment sites allow you to ask a few pre-screening questions and will filter out candidates that do not meet your criteria. Or you can create a pre-screening questionnaire to fit your needs.

Below is an example hiring pre-screening questionnaire for a laundry or dry cleaning Customer Service Representative. Before you use any pre-screening method, be sure to check with your HR counsel first to make sure the questions are acceptable to ask. For additional help in selecting a Pre screener that is best for your business, check out SHL’s Job Focused Assessments here.


Dear { Candidate }:

Thank you so much for your resume and for applying to our open Delivery Driver role with { company name }. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for review of your resume and answers below.

Resumes and applications provide us with useful information, but we find that is also helpful to allow candidates an opportunity to provide additional information when evaluating their candidacy. Please help us understand you better by answering these questions. There are no wrong answers, and you will be provided an opportunity to explain any of your answers you’d like. It’s important that you answer the questions honestly, so that we can accurately assess your fit for this role and the organization.

Please be aware that your answers may be verified during your interview or during reference checks.

Your Name (as it appears on the resume you submitted):

    Do you enjoy driving in traffic?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Traffic does not affect me either way

    Do you thrive in fast paced work environments? Please briefly explain your answer.

  • Yes
  • No

    If you were delivering a package to a home and the resident was not there:

  • I would bring the package back to the plant and let the manager know
  • I would leave the package on the door step
  • I would call the customer to see if they would like it left in front of the door or if we should deliver it tomorrow
  • I would put the package back on my van and try again tomorrow, no need to contact anyone

    Have you ever used a POS (point of Sale) software or Delivery Management Software before:

  • Yes. But in another industry / type of business. (Please explain.)
  • Yes. I have used a Dry Cleaning POS before. (If yes which POS system?)
  • No. I have never used this type of system before.
  • No, I have never used this type of system before but I am eager to learn.
  • No, but I have other operational Software experience I’d like to share (Please explain)

    My Work Habits:

  • Y/N I am a self starter and enjoy working on my own
  • Y/N I have a hard time organizing my thoughts/actions
  • Y/N I like my superiors to stay on top of me about my work or I can't focus
  • Y/N I do not like being told over and over again to do something, I understand the first time
  • Y/N I am a team player
  • Y/N I lack direction and need to be guided during day to day operations
  • Y/N I come on time every time I am scheduled to work
  • Y/N Once I start something I won't stop until it is finished correctly
  • Y/N My word is my bond, I am a very reliable person
  • Y/N When I work on a team I understand that my presence is crucial to the teams’ success, calling out of work excessively hurts the team.
  • Y/N I enjoy working. (if yes please answer below select one single MAIN reason)
    • A. I feel like a contributing member of society
    • B. I like making money
    • C. I have nothing else better to do/ keeps me out of trouble
    • D. I enjoy being part of a team that has potential growth/Planning for my future

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