Starchup merges with Drop Locker to form SUD Sytems

Drop Locker and Starchup Announce Merger

CHICAGO, May 12, 2021 - Starchup and Laundry Locker Inc DBA Drop Locker announced today they have entered into an agreement to merge the two companies together in a new entity SUD Systems LLC. Effective immediately the two will begin to operate as a unified team with an eye towards taking the best from both companies' offerings and technology platforms to create the premier POS, delivery, and operations platform for the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industry. The joint entity will also be looking at future strategic acquisitions and partnerships that continue to enhance the operator and customer experience.

Drop Locker and Starchup announced earlier in the year a licensing partnership for Starchup to utilize the Drop Locker intellectual property for locker pick-up and delivery. “The strategic value of bringing the two companies together as one became evident as discussions around this agreement progressed and we began working closer together,” said W. Tad Jenkins, CEO of Drop Locker. “The shared vision and passion of delivering technology rich tools and solutions to help the everyday operator grow and expand their business while making it easy for customers to transact with them was evident from our first conversations. As a collective team of founders, small business owners and former laundry and dry cleaning operators we empathize with the challenges that operators face. This just makes sense.”

“At Starchup, our primary goal is providing the best possible service to our clients to help them grow efficiently. The Drop Locker team has operational experience, including over ten years growing laundromats and dry cleaners, patented locker technology and expertise behind it, and an eagerness to invest in product innovation, making Drop Locker a perfect partner to what Starchup already offers.” Said Nick Chapleau, CEO of Starchup. “For clients of both companies, this means better software and a team of experienced professionals to support, implement, and consult. This combination is truly an example of one plus one equalling three.”

For both companies, customer software and support will remain the same. All employees from both teams will be joining the new entity. Over the next 6-12 months the companies will be focused on streamlining operations and merging their platforms, with the goal of delivering to both Starchup and Drop Locker customers an enhanced experience with the best features from both platforms.

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