Dry Cleaning and Today’s Consumer

Part 1 of 2

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Digital technology has changed the way consumers engage with service providers. Starchup’s mission is to help dry cleaners and laundries use digital technology to grow their businesses. Garment care is an old industry, but there are still new ways for cleaners to differentiate through an excellent customer experience.

Customer Experience is Paramount

Today’s savvy and social consumer expects a differentiated commercial experience. Indeed, the customer’s experience has become as important to service providers as the quality of the service itself. Especially in an industry like dry cleaning like where service providers find it difficult to differentiate, those that can offer a unique experience reap the rewards: greater customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and increased revenue.

Younger Consumers Expect an Updated Experience

Younger consumers grew up on the web and came of age on their smartphone. This technology offers entirely new methods of buying and receiving goods and services. Indeed, 78 percent of young consumers find the ability to order online to be important. Today’s shopper expects flexibility and technology.

And these consumers don’t shop alone; they collaborate on buying decisions and talk about their experiences. Studies show that most young consumers report taking action on behalf of brands and sharing brand preferences in their social groups. Savvy service providers know that providing customers with a good experience can make them the best marketers.

Technology: An Opportunity for Dry Cleaners

In an industry that has traditionally found it difficult to engage customers it’s even more important for cleaners to deliver a differentiated experience. Indeed, a dry cleaner that fails to deliver that experience, especially to their best customers, will lose those customers to a competitor who does.

In part two, we will discuss how dry cleaners can use digital technology to foster an excellent customer experience.