Get More from Your Laundry & Dry Cleaning Website

You know why you have a pants press. You know why you have racks. You know why you buy soap. Do you know why you have a website?

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Consumers used to pick a dry cleaner by the finding one nearest them that had a nice storefront. Today, consumers expect to find their cleaner with an internet search, and your website is your new storefront. Just like your physical storefront, the purpose of your website is simple: drive customers to your business.

A website is more powerful than a physical storefront, however, because conversion is flexible and measurable. You can easily change your website and track how those changes increase revenue. Indeed, businesses that take this approach to their site are twice as likely to see a large increase in sales.

So how can you optimize your website to drive revenue?

Ensure your website is SEO optimized.

Most potential customers will find your website on Google. Google's goal is to match users with what they are looking for based on what they search. Does the website provide a good experience in terms of speed and is it error-free? Does it provide the information that the user is seeking based on their search? Is the site authoritative based on traffic on links to it? Do users stay on the site or "bounce" quickly after visiting? Ensure that your site satisfies these criteria in order to rank highly and land on that first page of Google.

Present a clear and simple call to action.

Show the customer exactly what you want them to do. The more they have to figure out, the less likely they are to buy from you. The action should be be intuitive and self-evident, achieved in just a few clicks. Websites that present a clear call-to-action can increase conversions by as much as 105.9%.

Highlight your value proposition.

An average website visit lasts 8 seconds. You want that user’s limited attention span focused on your value proposition . Your headline — the first impression a customer has with your business — should prominently state a clear value. And in addition to stating it with the headline, demonstrate your value proposition with complementary images. Finally, eliminate distractions such as extra copy, image carousels, and anything that detracts from the primary message.

Ensure mobile usability.

Last year 89% of people who accessed the web did so from a mobile device. For Starchup customers, website traffic via mobile ranges from 25–50% of all visits. It is essential that your website looks as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop.

Track usage.

The first step to optimizing your user’s experience is to understand that experience. Use tools such a Google Analytics — a free and powerful way to gain insight into how users engage with your site. (Note: As part of our free marketing consultation, Starchup will add Google Analytics to your website and provide a detailed audit report on usage after a few weeks of tracking.)

Test a variety of copy, images, and design.

Now that you are tracking user behavior you can test different copy, images, and layout to determine what converts the most customers. Our designer, for instance, chose the elements in the site design above because they fit the cleaner’s value proposition and were found in user testing to convert the most users. Numerous case studies show that testing components of your site can dramatically improve conversions.

You can implement each of these techniques today to drive more revenue to your business through your website. After all, you use the highest quality equipment and cleaning supplies to best serve your customers. Why not have the highest quality website to attract them?

About Starchup

Starchup builds branded, dry cleaning- and laundry-centric, market-focused websites for our cleaners. Using research and data gathered from cleaners, garment care customers, competitive analyses, and market and analytics, we have determined and implemented techniques that work best for this market to drive revenue for our cleaners.