Three Tips for a Better Website Look

Why Imagery Matters, Part 2

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As detailed in Part 1, imagery is one of the primary ways you can connect with and convert customers through your website. Here are three simple tips to better use website imagery to connect with customers.

It’s About THEM, Not You.

Your customers are interested in one thing and one thing only, themselves. He or she does not care about your eco-friendly chemicals or the brand new machines you just installed. I know that is not what you want to hear, but with customers, it’s the ‘me’ factor that ultimately wins them over. Show your visitors that they are a priority and make them feel valued. You can get them to experience what you want with the use of images. Remember to decide what your “Look and Feel” is, and hammer it home with consistent photos that depict customers benefiting.

A good dry cleaning and laundry website will connect with what customers care about

This website knows their target demographic: young urban individuals who want a more convenient way to shop for a car. This company sells cars, yet there isn’t a picture of a shiny new car on their website. Their customer is front and center, letting them know that they are the number one priority.

Give Your Images a Human Touch.

Boost your website’s conversion rate by using human faces. Faces draw attention to a common point of interest and so are more engaging. You can utilize this by drawing people’s attention to specific information or call to action buttons. Take a look at this eye tracking study.

This heatmap shows that viewers of dry cleaning and laundry websites look at images of faces most

The red areas indicate where people look on the page and for how long. The darker the red, the more focused the viewer was. Something as simple as changing the eye direction resulted in a jump in user focus to the words and the product.

Please Stop Using Bad Stock Photos.

This is the social age of the Internet. People don’t look at the websites like they used to. They’re more connected than ever and expect a certain level of authenticity from a site and ultimately your business. What does that have to do with images and conversions? People can tell when you use cheesy stock photos. The consensus is unanimous and then do not like them. Your customers will know you’re trying to fool them with staged photos of people widely smiling seemingly enamored with your product or service. Not all “stock photos” are created equal. Choose stock photos intelligently — even if you have to spend more money.

Bad Stock Photos

Dry cleaning and laundry websites using bad stock imagery will not connect with customers Laundry and dry cleaning websites using bad stock imagery will not connect with customers

Good Stock Photos

Laundry and dry cleaning websites using great imagery connect with and convert customers Dry cleaning and laundry websites using great imagery connect with and convert customers

Your site has to look professional enough to convert better. If the stock photos you go for look obvious, you get a thumbs down from your visitors. Not good. Your aim should be to send a positive message to your audience. Be smart and go for stock photos that you know will be right for your site, in every way.

So again, focus on the customer, humanize your images, and only use authentic, attractive stock photos. Instituting these tips will help your website to convert more customers and grow your business.

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