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“Since launching on Starchup Bubbles & Suds has had so much demand that we opened a new store for wash & fold only.”


  • Capture demand for wash and fold more efficiently
  • Manage delivery service to scale without sacrificing quality


  • The Bubbles and Suds customer-facing mobile app and online ordering tool
  • Starchup’s delivery management solution and communications platform

Why Starchup?

  • “Starchup is exactly what we were looking for to drive our growth.”
  • “Starchup’s customer sign up and ordering process meant happy customers and less need for employee coordination.”
  • “Direct communication with our customers and order routing for our drivers makes our delivery service easy to manage.”


Bubbles and Suds Laundromat wanted to become the premier laundry service in Brooklyn, NY. They knew that coin laundry was a good business, but delivery wash and fold service was the best way to scale. “We had success with delivery, but taking orders over the phone meant that we couldn’t grow as fast as we wanted and it made the service difficult to manage. We were looking for laundry software that would help us to scale our delivery service.” Bubbles needed to capture the growing demand for delivery laundry service in a scalable way.

“As soon as we saw Starchup’s product, we knew it was the answer. [Customers] love how easy it is to request a pickup on the app.“

- Omar Kasi, Owner


“As soon as we saw Starchup’s product, we knew it was the answer. Customer sign up on the app is a breeze – no more phone calls – and they love how easy it is to request a pickup.” Bubbles was able to reach a larger geographic base of customers through advertising, and growth skyrocketed. “We never would have been able to handle the influx of orders we saw without Starchup’s laundry POS system. Direct customer communication and order routing meant that our operation could grow quickly without sacrificing quality.” Bubbles and Suds’s growth speaks for itself.

Bubles and Suds laundromat growth chart on the Starchup laundry app


Since launching delivery on Starchup's laundry app, Bubbles and Suds has signed up 2,000 customers on Starchup and processes around $40,000 per month. “Since launching on Starchup we have had so much demand that we opened a new store for wash & fold only – no self- service. We have added two drivers and now service most of western Brooklyn out of our stores in Bay Ridge.”

In 1 Year...

  • Grew delivery to over $40,000 per month
  • Acquired 690 customers on Starchup customer app
  • Opened new wash & fold only store to meet demand

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