The COVID-19 crisis highlights the importance of flexibility and customer communication. Hear from Starchup customers about the unique features they are using to better serve their customers in unprecedented times.
"The Starchup tips feature, which gives our customers the ability to tip our staff when placing an order in the Folde app, has been extremely helpful in driving extra revenue to our staff at a time when demand is uncertain. We have also been able to create a connection between our customers and our staff, who are on the front lines providing essential services."

- Mark, The Folde,
Austin, TX
(former CleanCloud and former Springboard user)

Flexible Delivery Scheduling
"Starchup's route scheduling feature gave us the flexibility to control our delivery service in this very unusual time. We are able to draw our delivery service on a map, easily change days and times of the week of our service, and turn different schedules on and off as needed. This is immediately reflected to our customers in the App, and we are able to communicate updates directly with those customers through Starchup's SMS and Email services."

- David, Family Laundry, Oakland, CA
Customer Tags
"We love the updated Customer Tag features. We can easily segment & attribute our customers once they sign up, place orders, or respond to our marketing efforts. Running reports based on those tags has given us insights and valuable data that have been important for our growth."

- Jeannette, Laundrify, Miami, FL
Customer Rewards
"Starchup's Customer Rewards feature has been important in helping us weather the COVID crisis. Our loyal customers are incentivized to continue to build rewards points using our delivery service, and we have seen that those in the rewards program maintain regular usage better than other customers. Every little bit counts, and the rewards system has helped us to keep moving forward."

- Tonny, Walden Cleaners, Norman, OK (
former CompassMax user)

"Starchup's subscription features gives us stable, recurring revenue at a time when revenue is uncertain. We are able to set up our subscription plans as we like, and our customers can sign up for them right in the PeachyLyfe app. It has been so helpful for getting us through this challenging time!”

- Sherwin, PeachyLyfe, Atlanta, GA
(former Springboard
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